Crane Truck Hire Brisbane

Move and Lift Heavy Items

2 tonne - 8 tonne

Specialty Crane Truck Hire - Brisbane

Required Customer Information for Bookings

When booking, please provide the following information:

  • Your name, mobile number & email address
  • Your company or business name, if any
  • Your position in that company or business


Pickup Address and Delivery Address

  • Street name and number, and suburb of both sites
  • Contact names and phone numbers at the both sites
  • Other information:
    • Do we need an order?
    • Do we need pickup identification or paperwork?


 Booking Information

Your order should include the following information:

  • What are you moving?
  • Any compliance-related information, such as Dangerous Goods information, or road transport compliance requirements.
  • What are the dimensions and weight?
  • Are there lifting points?
  • Does it need protection from the weather?
  • Are the materials to move moved fragile?


Information regarding access at both pickup and drop off points:

  • Are there trees/site hazards/chains/gates or other obstacles in the vicinity?
  • Is the ground stable, sloping, easily damaged, slippery, soft?
  • Are there fences or gates to get through and, if so, what are the gaps?
  • Is there room above for the crane to operate?  (Minimum of 6 metres with no obstacles).

What Date and Time?

We strongly recommend booking early to ensure a good, well-coordinated timeframe; otherwise, we may find it difficult to assist you. Additionally, the choice of truck could be limited to trucks available at the time.



We will only provide an estimate online, as there are too many possible variables that we cannot know about to provide a formal quote. We charge travelling time. This means we charge the time it takes to go to the job, complete it and return to our next job or our depot.  (Where we go to another job, the travel will be split between the customers). Please note, traffic in Brisbane often causes lengthy delays depending on the time of day. We try our best, but at the end of the day, we charge the time it takes.



We accept Visa or MasterCard or payment by EFT. Those who wish to use our crane truck services on a regular basis can apply for a credit application.



Invoices are electronically delivered. Formal tax invoices will be provided with our EFT details, and you can take a copy of the delivery docket on site, or request a copy to be emailed with the invoice. If you choose to pay by credit card, this will be done on our banking software and an email with the receipt will be forwarded to you.